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croissant on board

Croissant Reading

If you haven’t already I would highly recommend signing up for  Monica’s weekly dose of escapism into all things lovely - her weekly Croissant Reading.
I’m delighted to be featured in this weeks roundup with the new Luna Blouse made from vintage 1970’s vintage cotton fabric here in the UK. Even the buttons are vintage - although they are Italian!

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monica beatrice the well worn blouse

monica's blog

Croissant reading. | |ˈkrwasɒ̃| ˈriːdɪŋ |

[mass noun] the action or skill of reading, whilst simultaneously consuming pastries. Often enjoyed in conjunction with freshly brewed coffee, and many hours spent in a cosy bed.


I look forward to putting together Croissant Reading posts more and more every week – it has become a joyful obsession! The combination of searching Weekend Ritual images (breakfast in bed makes for super fun voyeurism) and having an excuse to read all of my favourite sites to relate back to you guys . . . the dream!

Monica Beatrice.


Croissant Reading

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