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The Well Worn rolls of deadstock fabric


Using up all the materials that already exist.

By using materials and clothing that already exists, we create beautiful clothes without compromise: to the planet our people and the design. Preloved, deadstock, and antique fabrics make up over 90% of the collection - sustainable fabrics are used for the rest.

. There are already enough beautiful things in the world - we want to repurpose them into something new - the vintage of the future. Our part in taking care of the planet for future generation.

Beautiful clothes without compromise.

The Well Worn woman wearing floral dress

what is

Deadstock Fabric?

"30% of textiles produced do not end up in consumers’ hands." COSH

Deadstock fabrics are materials that are left over from the fashion industry. They are also known as overstock, surplus fabric, or remnants. This term refers to any fabric that is no longer needed for its original purpose or order fulfillment. Brands may order too much fabric, mills may produce incorrect colors, or overruns may occur. However, instead of discarding it, we can use it to reduce waste and make more sustainable choices.

Reducing Landfill

Deadstock fabric repurposes materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, reducing textile waste and its associated environmental impact. By using deadstock fabric, we help divert textile waste from disposal and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The Well Worn

Limited Edition

Deadstock fabrics are often available in limited quantities, making them unique and exclusive. Because we can only source limited stock it means that we can only make limited numbers.

Conserving Resources

Producing new fabric requires significant resources such as water, energy, and raw materials. By using deadstock fabric, you help conserve these resources by giving new life to existing materials instead of creating demand for the production of new textiles.

Responsible Consumption

By using deadstock fabric, you support sustainable practices within the fashion industry and encourage a shift towards more responsible consumption habits.

The Well Worn vintage and preloved quilted jackets on rail

Vintage & Preloved Fabric

Vintage fabrics are known for their distinctive patterns, designs, and prints that may be no longer produced or widely available. From delicate florals to bold geometric shapes, vintage fabrics offer a diverse range of styles that add character and charm.

Why use Vintage & Preloved Fabrics?


By extending the lifespan of existing materials, we can contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources.

The Well Worn

Unique Style

Vintage fabrics often feature unique patterns, textures, and designs that are no longer commonly found in modern textiles.

Quality Craftsmanship

Many vintage fabrics were produced using traditional methods and higher-quality materials, resulting in durability and longevity.

The Well Worn

Storytelling and History

Each vintage fabric carries its own history and narrative, whether it's a piece of clothing worn by a previous owner or a remnant from a bygone era.

The Well Worn

Reworked Vintage

Breathing new life into the worn: transforming them into unique and stylish pieces with a contemporary twist.

In our Winchester studio we have skillfully repaired and mended more than 250 vintage and preloved clothing items, consisting of 90 denim jeans, shorts, and jackets, as well as 150 sweatshirts. And we're still going strong!

The Well Worn denim jeans on coat hangers on the wall

How dirty are your jeans?

If all the jeans owned by UK adults were bought brand new, they'd emit more CO than a coal-fired power station in 18 months. OXFAM

The Well Worn

Vintage & Preloved

Trims & Buttons

Vintage trims and buttons often feature unique designs, materials, and finishes that add character and charm to our garments and accessories. By choosing vintage and preloved trims and buttons we are promoting ethical consumption practices by supporting reuse and repurposing of existing materials. The small proportion of new buttons we use are bought from UK supplier Courtney & Co.

The Well Worn photo of cotton plant

new fabrics we use

Sustainable Fabrics

Less then 10% of our remade collection is made from new fabrics. We always source natural fibre and try wherever possible to buy cotton which has been produced to a higher standard.

Oeko Tex 100 Cotton is a certification that ensures the cotton used in a product is free from harmful substances. It's been produced in a way that is safe for the people and in environmentally friendly conditions.

GOTS certified Cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard) they must meet specific processing standards, as well as meeting an ecological (for example not using harmful chemicals) and social criteria (for example working conditions must be safe and hygienic).

BCI Cotton - Better Cotton farmers receive training on how to use water efficiently, care for the health of the soil and natural habitats, minimise the impact of harmful crop protection practices, preserve fibre quality and apply decent work principles.

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