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The Well Worn women at pattern cutting table

Made in the UK

Everything is made in the UK. Without compromise.

At our core, we are committed to promoting sustainable and ethical fashion. We take pride in supporting UK factories and creating handcrafted clothing that is unique and beautiful. Our focus on locally made pieces ensures that we contribute to the growth of skilled local makers while minimising our carbon footprint.

Making Local

We are supporting local economies, reducing our environmental impact, and fostering community connections.

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Limited Edition

We make small numbers of distinctive, high-quality products that reflect individual craftsmanship, creativity, and attention to detail.

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Made to Order

We only start making once an order is received. This approach drastically reduces garment waste and the environmental damage it causes. 


We upcycle vintage garments in our Winchester studio. Julie & Lorraine between them have over 50 years experience in making clothing.

The Well Worn
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We value British-made clothing and our entire product line is manufactured in the UK, supporting small businesses and preserving traditional crafts and skills. We work with Julie and Lorraine in a small, female-owned factory in Hampshire that has been crafting garments for over 30 years. This not only reduces air miles but also supports local makers and factories.

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Making Local

Environmental sustainability is an important aspect to consider in manufacturing. By localising our supply chain we can have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the distance over which components will need to be shipped. This approach helps to cut down damaging carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption. For example 1000 km of air freight for one 2kg package is equivalent to 4.42kg CO2.CO2 Everything.

The Well Worn picture sewing studio

The UK Fashion & Textile Industry

transcends boundaries, supporting a broad spectrum of demographics. It kickstarts careers for 197,000 people aged under 25, provides opportunities for 52,000 aged 65 and older, and empowers 540,000 women.


The Well Worn

Worth waiting a little longer.

We make the majority of our collection to order which means it takes a little longer. Each piece is cut with care to minimise fabric waste and made to order with a focus on high quality and attention to detail. We are so proud of our making process that we number and sign every piece. We think this approach is worth the wait.

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Made-to-order is better for people.

We make this way because it reconnects us with the true value of the skill of the maker. It helps us understand the process and time it takes to create one garment and therefore its value. Creating quality items that will become the vintage of the future.

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Limited edition.

Making clothes on demand is a more eco-friendly choice. Almost all of the clothes we make are made from limited fabric stock, which makes them unique and not available in the mass market. Above all, using fabrics that are already in circulation helps to keep them out of landfills. These fabrics could be brand leftovers or textile mill overruns, also known as deadstock, as well as pre-loved or vintage textiles.

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Based in Winchester, Hampshire. We'd love you to come and visit - we are open Weds 2-6pm and Sat 12-4pm or please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Made in the UK

Our first dress being shirred at Rosamanda Pleaters, London.