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The Well Worn denim recycled sign


Our goal is to keep our products in use for as long as possible.

The Well Worn diagram showing closed loop production cycle

The vision of a circular economy for fashion.

"A circular economy for fashion creates better products and services for customers, contributes to a thriving fashion industry, and regenerates the environment." Ellen MaCarthur Foundation.

The Well Worn

What we are doing

We're aiming to create a closed-loop system, by reducing waste and maximising the lifespan of our products. It aligns with the principles of the Circular Economy by rethinking how garments are designed, produced, used, and disposed of.

The Well Worn dress-sketch-with-measurements

1. Designing for Longevity & Durability.

Our garments are created to last with high-quality materials and timeless designs. We focus on slow fashion and quality craftsmanship, ensuring that you'll want to enjoy our pieces for longer. Our manufacturing process involves utilising traditional techniques, and we strive to produce garments that will become tomorrow's vintage.

The Well Worn women wearing cotton floral dress by wall

2. Extending Use & Repair.

In addition to mending and repairing worn vintage pieces in the studio, we are also able to offer an alterations and repair service. If an alteration (or repair) is needed for your Well Worn piece please send us an email at

The Well Worn folded indigo jeans

What it costs

The environmental impact of making one pair of jeans.

The Well Worn diagrma showing environmental impact of making jeans
The Well Worn

3. Materials & Production Methods.

We are proud to say that 95% of the materials we use are preloved, vintage, or deadstock, while the remaining 5% are either sustainable or eco-friendly. Our production methods are designed to minimise waste. For example, we cut each garment individually and make them to order. This not only reduces waste by avoiding excess stock, but also allows us to make the most of the fabric and customise fits to the customer's liking.

The Well Worn sashiko and mending denim workshop

4. Repair, Remake, & Recycling.

In addition to mending and repairing vintage and pre-loved clothing in our studio, we also provide denim repair services and host workshops to promote the art of fixing and transforming worn-out items. Recycling or upcycling old clothes to create new products is a crucial aspect of circular fashion.

The Well Worn diagram showing circular fashion

5. Closing the Loop.

By embracing the approach of endless reuse and recycling, we can significantly reduce waste, pollution, and our reliance on new raw materials. We are looking into ways we can offer resale through our website but in the meantime if you want to re-home any of your Well Worn pieces please get in contact

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