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So I have to admit I’ve been a little slow in sharing this one - I blame it on my lack of computer savvy which I am slowly trying to sort out!

The wonderful David Evans aka Grey Fox Blog was one of The Well Worns’ very early supporters - in fact, he bought a scarf from me before the website was even up and running.

David’s got great style - and is a great advocate of sustainable style and UK manufacturing.

To read the post in full click below.

Sustainable Style 8: The Well Worn - Upcycling Vintage Clothing

My search for brands that adopt a sustainable approach to making and marketing their products continues and I came across The Well Worn on Instagram. It's interesting how most of the businesses I've come across are small.

grey fox blog photo

indigo scarf

I suppose smaller scale makes a truly sustainable approach easier, but it would be good to hear of larger suppliers of menswear and accessories who can, because of their size, have a really significant impact.

However, back to The Well Worn. I love indigo blue and was attracted by a much repaired indigo scarf shown by Emma Shaw, founder of The Well Worn on Instagram (links below) and couldn't resist buying it.

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