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A love of Tartan!

Tartan always enjoys a merry resurgence around this time of year, as rich checks – once a symbol of clan kinship – bring festive cheer to knits, scarves and anything that makes the frost-bitten months a touch more bearable. We just love a bit of Tartan here at The Well Worn. Perhaps its because of our love of all things vintage but these heritage patterns never go out of fashion.

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The Well Worn women wearing black and winter white check
The Well Worn women wearing black and winter white check side

Winter Gingham Felicity Dress

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Discover Our Stylish Tartan Dresses

Welcome to our Tartan Collection at The Well Worn, where traditional patterns meet modern style. This collection is all about celebrating tartan, a timeless and iconic design loved around the world. Whether you’re looking for a stylish tartan dress or just a hint of tartan in an accessory, you’ll find it here.


Our tartan dresses are perfect for anyone who wants to add a classic touch to their wardrobe. These dresses come in various styles, from the elegant Black Watch tartan to more casual check and tartan patterns. Not just dresses, our collection also includes tartan tops, skirts, and accessories that are easy to mix and match.


Tartan isn’t just a pattern; it’s a statement. Our clothing is designed to be both beautiful and comfortable, making it easy for you to show off your unique style. Whether dressing up for a special event or adding something special to your everyday look, our Tartan Collection has something for everyone.