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The Well Worn indigo scarfs on rail

A Love Letter to Indigo. The Well Read 004

Indigo has a highly romantic history. Even the name (quite literally ‘the Indian’ or ‘from India’) hints at foreign shores and velvety midnight skies. Once upon a time, it was the colour of royalty. Not simply because it looks regal, but the deep, almost midnight violet-blue dye was extracted from the Indigofera plant, to be imported to Europe from far-away lands - along with those other trappings of aristocracy: coffee, tea and silk.

indigo fabrics

Fortunately for those of us who can’t even think about starting the day without caffeine, coffee and tea became common currency. And so did indigo, thanks to democratisation via denim. Blue blood was not required to wear blue jeans. Quite the opposite: they became the working man’s attire. *Brief pause to send thanks to Levi Strauss and his lesser-known partner in jeans, the tailor Jacob Davis.*

We’re neither workmen nor royalty (although Coco the office dog has designs on being the latter), but even a fleeting glance at our collections demonstrates our devotion to indigo.


From the palest of summer skies to deep, inky blue, there’s a shade to suit everyone.

From our signature tote to indigo scarf series in reworked fabrics (think vintage Japanese kimono with delicate sashiko stitching; striped scarves made from handstitched panels), and our collection of mended denim. Have you heard denim jackets are back in a big way this year? Our upcycled denim jackets are a thing of beauty to be worn forever.

chambray stripe dress

If you’re more of a dress girl – we hear you – then do not miss our Ella indigo dress and Felicity in ticking stripe.

indigo dress

The willow pattern china granny had on her kitchen dresser? It’s having a rebirth. Pop the search time in ebay or Etsy - or stalk your local charity shops and car boot sales.

Display it against a classic William Morris wallpaper for a full-blown china shop effect.

Pair a deep blue Iampbase with a jaunty bold blue Ikat shade.

Dark indigo walls are surprisingly adaptable. Don’t be put off the idea of painting a small room in a dark hue – it’s surprisingly cosy and rich. Paint & Paper Library have cornered the market in strong blues.

Zhuzh your coffee table with a statement book (and dream of going on holiday whilst you’re at it…) and a brilliant novel with a suitably striking cover.

indigo collage
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