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The Well Worn mended denim shorts

How to #1 - Mending denim.

Denim just gets better with age and once you’ve found your perfect pair its hard to let them go.

Mending & reworking denim is one of my favourite things to do - and means you can just keep on wearing.

Below is a really simple guide to show you one way of mending - enjoy!

1. Pin or tack a patch behind the hole.
2. Mark out a grid with a water soluble pen.

3. Stitch a running or top stitch along these guidelines. Make the stitch lies over the lines where they cross over. This will secure the patch in place.


4. Use this same technique to re-inforce areas that need strengthening.

It really is that easy. Have some fun with the placement of thie stitches - I always start with areas that need it and then look to balance the garment out by stitching in different areas.

mended shorts
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