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The Well Worn How to #2 - Make a collar

How to #2 - Make a collar

Blame lawless style king Harry Styles, the late icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or your great-aunt Ethel: Statement collars are still having a moment. From runways of Gucci and Ganni to the feeds of your favorite style bloggers, Pilgrim collars, beaded bibs, and party necklines are ubiquitous—which is no surprise considering we rely on fashion from the chest up in an era ruled by Zoom. But opting for a frilly top doesn't have to mean constricting yourself to a stiff blouse or shift dress, because brands are meeting us at our sartorial safe space, adding whimsical frills to cozy sweatshirts and cardigans (a.k.a. our work-from-home uniforms). Glamour

But why buy one - why not make a frilled statement collar at home with this step by step guide.

click here and email me your address and I will pop one in the post for you x

how to make a collar

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