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The Well Worn Our love of Tartan.

Our love of Tartan.

Tartan always enjoys a merry resurgence around this time of year, as rich checks – once a symbol of clan kinship – bring festive cheer to knits, scarves and anything that makes the frost-bitten months a touch more bearable. We just love a bit of Tartan here at The Well Worn. Perhaps its because of our love of all things vintage but these heritage patterns never go out of fashion.


women wearing tartan checks


Two of our ultimate favs are Black Watch and Royal Stewart...

Black Watch.

Named after the dark tartan the men wore and the company's role watching over the highlands. A single line infantry known as The Black Watch was created in 1739 when King George II ordered four more companies to be trained. 
World-renowned and instantly recognisable, the Black Watch tartan represents Scottish culture across the globe. The Black Watch tartan’s dark tones and bold colours make it a firm favourite with our customers.
Although still strongly associated with the Royal Highland Regiment, the Black Watch tartan is an 'open tartan' in that anyone can wear it. It has no affiliation with a specific clan, but it does symbolise tradition and bravery.

women wearing dress on steps


Red Stewart Check.

Red Stewart or Stewart Royal Tartan is a classic red-based tartan with shades of green. The Royal Stewart tartan generally referred to simply as the Royal Tartan, has been associated with the Royal House of Stewart for several centuries.

First published in 1831, it is the best-known tartan of the royal House of Stuart/Stewart and is one of the most recognisable tartans. Theoretically, this tartan should not be worn without the express permission of the British monarch.

However, the Scottish Register of Tartans observes that in practice, due to its popularity, it has become a universal tartan, which can be worn by anyone who doesn't have their own clan tartan.






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