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The Well Worn women selecting and buying prints

Meet Emma Shaw – Fashion Design Consultant & Founder of ‘The Well Worn’


Q Tell us about your career?

emma shaw founder the well worn

Emma: My first job after graduating was working in knitwear – in a factory based in Manchester. This was great for me, really hands-on and gave me an understanding of the whole process and not just the design side. I still love the bustle of factories now and the whole making process. It was at my next job that I really broadened my scope by working with different brands and retailers. That’s the interesting thing about the supplier side – you need to be very adaptable at changing your handwriting to design for different customers.

Q What drew you to working in fashion?

Emma: Through fashion I think you can really express your personality and it’s a great way of having fun. My interest started with creating fabrics, prints and just making things – floral trousers were one of my first creations!! Looking for new inspiration and predicting what trends might come into clothing is something else that I love.

Q Where do you find your inspiration?

Emma: Honestly it can come from anywhere, art, interiors, travel – but its probably vintage pieces that give me the biggest thrill.

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