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Fashion Capital interview - JULY 2020

Launch Brand ‘The Well Worn’ by Emma Shaw

Last month we introduced FashionCapital member Fashion Design Consultant – Emma Shaw and she told us all about her fashion career to date. This month Emma introduces us to her launch brand ‘The Well Worn’ and reveals her unrelenting passion for vintage and sustainability…

FC: What is the ethos behind The Well Worn?

Emma: The Well Worn is a combination of my three passions – dresses, vintage and UK production where I started my career. We recreate beautiful dresses in recycled and sustainable fabrics and up-cycle classic vintage pieces. We aim to minimise the impact we have on the environment and every decision is based around this. The dresses are designed and made one style at a time in our UK factories and we make only limited-edition runs. We hand number each of our pieces.

FC: What was the inspiration behind the name?

Emma: It was a play on clothes being worn well but each word also has significance:



The – a community of like-minded people

Well – positive, sustainable, & fun

Worn – well used, quality, vintage of the future

FC: A day in the life of Emma…

Emma: This is really varied – which I love. Most days start with either a jog or dog walk, checking my emails and getting the kids off to school. Then I can be out researching and sourcing at vintage markets, designing and up-cycling in the studio or visiting my factories. I try to make sure I finish at a reasonable time and unwind with a glass of vino!

FC: What is your favourite piece that you’ve upcycled?

Emma: It would have to be the first denim jacket that I did – it’s certainly not perfect but it helped me create my handwriting and the response gave me loads of confidence.

FC: How do you upcycle?

Emma: We pick classic vintage wardrobe pieces – branded denim jackets, shorts, worker coats – pieces that you wear time and time again with different outfits. By using traditional Sashiko and Boro mending techniques they develop their own unique style and have a new lease of life.

FC: How do you minimise your environmental impact?

Emma: We use mainly recycled and some sustainable fabrics – the Viscose we use comes from wood pulp and for every tree used another is planted. Our clothes are unique or produced in really small batches which means we don’t produce too many. We also make them in the UK. Reducing landfill. Reducing air miles. Doing our bit by looking after our planet for the next generation.  

FC: Who or what are your inspirations?

Emma: Honestly it can come from anywhere, art, interiors, travel – but it’s probably vintage pieces that give me the biggest thrill.

FC: Ultimate fashion muse?

Emma: Kate Moss.

FC: Who would be your dream client to make a piece for?

Emma: With my current crush on Normal People it would have to be Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Thank-you Emma.

Visit Emma’s brand and products here: The Well Worn

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