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The Well Worn the well worn mending sign

Mending Workshops

Sashiko is an traditional Japanese embroidery style which dates back to the Edo period (1615 – 1868). It was mostly used by the working class farming and fishing families as to make stronger more practical workwear. A worn-out piece was stitched with layers of old cloth, producing a sturdy garment passed down through generations.

The art of mending to prolong the life of a garment or object is at the heart of what we do. Below are some truly inspirational makers for inspiration and if you are interested in having a go yourself - please book onto my workshop.

the well worn mending sign

Learn how to mend, repair, upcycle & patch your worn denim.

A free series of workshops in November. Bring along your favourite worn denim piece which needs a little TLC. Learn how to repair, stitch and patch holes and rips using various techniques. Free workshop.

Numbers are limited - to secure your place book now.

handmade cup

stitched denim

The Kintsugi, or the Japanese Art of Mending Ceramics With Gold


Repair don't Replace Custom Denim Art

japanses garden

What is Wabi Sabi? The Elusive Beauty of Imperfection

In a few words, one could say that wabi sabi is the beauty of imperfect things. Of course, that would be overly simplistic explanation for such a deep and profoundly rooted notion in the Japanese spirit. Something between an artistic concept, a philosophy of life and a personal feeling, wabi sabi is everywhere in Japanese culture.

Japan Objects

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