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The Well Worn Featured in Her Hampshire - 5 Sustainable Brands

Featured in Her Hampshire - 5 Sustainable Brands

I’m delighted to be featured in Her Hampshire.

5 Sustainable Brands For Your Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to treat the planet with more respect.

As a Stylist, I am not about shopping hauls or wardrobes big enough to fill Wembley Stadium, I am ALL about quality over quantity.

So with that in mind, here is my pick of sustainable brands you should embrace season after season…

The Well Worn

Local brand The Well Worn launched during the pandemic but this has not held them back in any way.

They have gone from strength to strength using deadstock, antique or recyclable fabric and all made in the UK. The Olivia dress is my current object of lust.

Buy well is their motto to live by.

sulky doll stylist

Donna McCulloch

Style Editor

Donna McCulloch, also known as Sulky Doll, trained as a fashion stylist at London School of Styling. Donna has styled numerous campaigns for high-profile brands and also has several celebrity clients includes Gemma Atkinson, Gorka Marquez, Dr Ranj Singh, Juliet Sear, Rachel Shenton and Kate Lawler. Donna's expertise is frequently sought out by national lifestyle publications, including Hello! Magazine.

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