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The Well Worn line drawn baubles

Black Friday Stance.

Black Friday. I’ve decided The Well Worn will not be joining in with the normal discounting. That's not to say I don’t love a bargain so no judgement here! And I realise the advice from all the experts is that Black Friday is a day to think ‘sales,’ but no matter which way I position it, it just doesn’t feel right.

In my previous high-street-retail-life, someone came up with the great idea of donating to charity rather then discounting, so I’m stealing that idea and that’s what we will be doing!


The Well Worn will be donating 10% of sales made on Friday 26th November to charity.

As you know The Well Worn is a combination of my three passions - Dresses, Vintage and UK factory’s where I started my career. My aim has always been to create beautiful clothes without compromise to the design or environment.

There are enough beautiful things already in existence - I want to repurpose them into something new - the vintage of the future. Reducing landfill and reusing fabrics and trims that would otherwise go to waste.


So far we’ve remade, recycled and reused 125kg of vintage garments, antique fabrics and deadstock fabrics. To make the fabric alone would’ve taken 2.25m litres of water

I will be passing on the good fortune of having you as a customer to support two charities, Oxfam and Wasteaid, who are doing great work to combat and tackle the landfill crisis.

In some ways, if you’re buying a a present from The Well Worn next Friday you’ll be giving two gifts.

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